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French wedding photographerFrench wedding photographer in Provence, near the french Riviera in the South of France, I work and travel all over the country, Europe and beyond, to capture your special life moments, to offer you the best wedding photography experience. Wherever your dream destination may be, I will be there, making a photo catalog of your special day to make your wedding spectacular. I make lifestyle photo-reports and give natural and spontaneous pictures in a photo-journalism style.

 Weddings are a once in a life-time experience; a day filled with love, laughter and tears of joy. Being surrounded by your friends, loved ones and most importantly, the love of your life, creates a unique moment that is only yours, and will be a memory of a lifetime. You need a photographer that will capture those moments and turn them into meaningful pictures that tell the story of your wedding day, allowing you and your loved ones, to experience those moments over and over again.

It is imperative that the photographer has the proper qualities to capture candid sensitive moments. It is not simply about mastering the technology of a sophisticated and powerful reflex camera, it is essential to be able to capture a smile, an emotion and to be able to anticipate movements, while playing with the ambient light. Knowing how to play with the light to make the photo look natural, austere and un-staged is key. It is a craft technique, but also talent drawn from a passion for the art of photography!

I  specialize in the areas of: Wedding Photography, Birth Commemorative Photos, Baptisms, and Professional Portraits. I will create specialized lifestyle photo-books of your wedding day that will be cherished for a lifetime. It gives a natural and spontaneous assemblage, in a photo-journalism style. The books I propose are top to the line from Graphistudio.

Look at my galery and Facebook page to discover other wedding pics and send me an email if you need others informations. French wedding photographer in Provence, french Riviera, France and traveling all over the world to make your wedding report.

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